Here are a few shots from a delightful 2-hour class on hand lettering taught by Phil Walmsley at Collage Collage earlier this week. The photos are of course of poor quality taken on my decrepit iPhone, so yeah, they’re kinda crappy.

I went with a couple of coworkers who are also my friends (yay!) and we had a great time. Despite spending much of my work days drawing, painting and designing, hand lettering felt like a completely new – and quite challenging – endeavour. Note the wobbly curves on my Cs and Os.

The class started with some exercises to loosen up and let go of any tension and then moved quickly into building letterforms. Painting a letterform with a brush is very different from writing one with a pen or pencil. Letters are often constructed of several smaller shapes joined together in a different order than one is accustomed to after a lifetime of writing in a completely different way.

Also, India Ink is rad. I’m usually a bright colour kind of gal, but the ink really stole my heart for this purpose.

An additional class has been added for next Tuesday, April 23rd if you want to give it a shot.

And this book was recommended to us by Phil as a great resource for hand lettering and also because the author photo features the writer/letterer smoking a cigar!